Sunday, December 6, 2015

Basic UX Process for Travel Application

Anish (24, M)
Student, Pune

About Anish:
Anish is a college student who travels more often to visit his families and friends across the world. Also, he plans several short trips along with his friends to tourist places in India. Generally, his plans are last hour plans because he is a moody person. He prefers the flights with lowest fare, but always chooses better flights with good service – his preference goes to GO Air most of the time, and he loves to utilize the offers/rewards of the Airline companies.

- Adventures to see new places
- Has family attachments
- Active on smartphones
- Social with friends and community

Key Features:
1. Knowledge of technology and use: 80%
2. Experience of using websites/apps: 40%
3. Use of help documents: 26%
4. Confidence to use website/app: 90%

1. Lack of wireless/3G internet access.
2. Want to see clear information about the screen where I'm - such as if my flight time arrives, I would want to see the Gate number and seat number with appropriate details
3. ...

1. I want to plan my holiday.
2. I want to book tickets for my parents.
3. I'm in a rush and need to book ticket to USA.
4. I have planned my holidays after four months and want to check if any website/app has good deals/offers.

User Stories:
1. As a user I want to be able to search and book flights/hotels without logging in.
2. I want to be able to create my own account.
3. I want to be able to compare flight results and hotel results
4. I want to receive deals/offers/promotion emails.
5. I should be able to cancel my tickets and need to know the cancellation policy.
6. I want to be notified by email if any activity happens with my account.
7. ...

User Flow Diagram:

User Journey Map:


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