Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mobile app notifications for business meetings

Annoying notification is one of the top reasons why people uninstall mobile apps, so the notification designers have to be very careful while designing their behavior.

At first the app should ask users as to when they would like to be reminded about the meetings, because the user behavior  vary; some people might want to be reminded a day before and also 30 minutes before the meeting starts as they might have to prepare for the meeting; and some people might be just ready to jump into the meeting without any delay so they would want to set the reminder to 5 minutes. So, let the user set time to receive a notification.

Once the notification is on screen; the user should be able to dismiss it or open the meetings app - this feature can be used with the slide option.

In case if the user doesn't attend the meeting and the meeting time is over, then the notification should still sit on screen but in negative state to let the user know that he/she has missed it. And there should be an option to dismiss it or send a message to the meeting organizer with the reason why the user couldn't attend the meeting.

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