Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mobile device volume controls Vs app volume controls

Should mobile apps have volume controls or they should use the device controls?

This question has been raised by many UX practitioners; the answer to it is mobile apps must have their own playback controls, but their functionality has to be synced with the device controls as well.

Reasons your app should have volume controls:
1. The inApp controls give the user the feel of carefully developed application which has all features of its own.
2. The user feels more in control rather than depending on the device.
3. Most mobile users don't use the device controls very often as they are a little careful that overuse of those hardware buttons would might cause damage.
4. We should not ignore the possibility that the user's device controls could already be damaged/non-functioning.

Many people are also having debates on the Mute feature as well. I think you should never use the device's mute feature as it may mute all other applications as well, for instance: A Phone Call.

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